Rejuvenation Ayurvedic Treatment

What is Rejuvenation Therapy?

Rejuvenation means slowing-down the aging process and regain youthfulness. It is achieved by improving the tissue functioning and improving the immunity. As age progress, tissue damage occurs resulting in manifestation of many diseases, impaired memory/ intellect/ coordination, altered skin texture, greying, general weakness, loss of libido etc. Rejuvenation therapy reverses these processes and brings back youth by revitalising the tissues. 

What is Rasayana Therapy?

Rasa/ rasadhatu (the end-product of digestion) is the major element that nourishes body. Rasa has a specific pathway through various dhatu (tissues) to nourish them, and is called ‘Rasayana’ (ie, the normal uninterrupted movement of rasadhatu through each tissue). Rasayana therapy provides healthy development and functioning of dhatu (tissues) like rakta/ blood, mamsa/ muscles, medas/ fat, asthi/ bones, majja/ bone marrow, as well as sukra/ sperm and ovum. It also strengthens body & sense organs; slows down ageing (by preventing greying of hair, wrinkling of skin etc); improves intellect and memory; increase life span; and prevents/ cure diseases. 

We can use rasayana therapy in disease prevention and treatment. In the absence of any disease, a person can take rasayana therapy to obtain the desired benefits like good memory, healthy body etc. Those who are suffering from certain diseases can undergo rasayana therapy as per the instruction of physician. For disease cure, two types of rasayana chikilsa are mentioned in Ayurveda- one with very strict dietary and lifestyle modification, and by living in a specially constructed treatment room (kutipraveshika); and the second, without any restrictions (vatatapika). In order slow down the effects of aging, one should take rasayana drugs at a young age (18- 40 years of age). Detoxification (shodhana) is needed prior to rasayana therapy. After regaining good health by special diet and lifestyle under the supervision of physician, rasayana chikilsa can be done. As a result, the tissues become more capable for functioning, rasadhatu can nourish all the dhatu (tissues) effectively, immunity improves, and body become stronger and more lustrous. 

Who Are Eligible for Rasayana Therapy?

Everyone is not eligible for Rasayana therapy. One should be strong enough to withstand the effect of rasayana, devoid of diseases, ready to follow a wholesome lifestyle, cooperative with the medical team, mentally stable, can control the emotions etc are eligible for rasayana therapy. 

Who Are Not Eligible for Rasayana Therapy?

Those who are mentally unstable, doubtful about the therapy, not having good deeds, cannot withstand difficulties etc are unfit for rasayana therapy. 

Common Diseases That Require Rasayana Chikilsa

Rasayana therapy can be administered in any chronic disease that has produced dhatukshaya (tissue damage) and weakness of body, but only after proper management. Common diseases where rasayana can be provided include neurological disorders (like paralysis), diabetes, skin diseases, disease of eye and head, gastrointestinal disorders (eg: acidity, haemorrhoids, IBS etc), infectious diseases like Covid 19/ asthma etc, cardiovascular diseases, infertility, psychological disorders etc.

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