Multiple Sclerosis Ayurvedic Treatment

It is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) causing disability. Here, the myeline sheath (that covers the nerves and involved in the message transmission from brain to nerves) is attacked by immune cells, resulting in gradual (or even permanent) damage to the nerves. MS is incurable, but early diagnosis and proper management can slow down the progression of the disease. 

Multiple Sclerosis Signs and Symptoms 

The signs and symptoms of MS varies depending on the nerve affected or the severity of nerve damage. The common features are numbness over more than one limb (usually one side), tingling sensation following neck movements (especially forward bending movement), lack of coordination, tremors, dizziness, slurred speech, abnormal gait (walking style), problems with vision (eg: loss of vision, blurring of vision etc), fatigue and problems with bowel and bladder movements. 

Multiple Sclerosis Ayurvedic Analysis

Mastulunga (brain) and merudanda (spinal cord) are part of majja dhatu as per Ayurveda. Majja dhatu nourishes the bones and sense organs (especially eyes) as its function is poorana (filling). Kshaya (decreased quality) of majja dhatu causes weakness, giddiness, visual disturbances etc. Diseases of nervous system are grouped under vatavyadhi

Multiple Sclerosis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

The exact cause is not known, but vata is aggravated by excessive physical activity, birth injuries, excess intake of astringent/ bitter/ pungent tastes, skipping of meals etc. Beejabhaga avayava dushti is another reason. Dhatukshaya in-turn aggravates vata. Majjadhatukshaya is caused by over activity, injuries, compression, intake of incompatible food etc. 

Possible Complications of Multiple Sclerosis Disease

Common complications are muscle stiffness, muscle spasm, paralysis of limb/s, epilepsy, psychological disturbances, bladder or bowel dysfunction etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Some autoimmune diseases like pernicious anaemia, type 1 diabetes etc will increase the risk of MS.  

Multiple Sclerosis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Only symptomatic management can be provided as it is a dhatukshaya condition and it cannot be reversed. Internal medicines are given to pacify the aggravated vata and nourish majjadhatu. Procedures like rukshana (eg: udwarthana), snehana (external), swedana (sudation therapy- eg: kizhi, pizhichil), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine), vamana (purgation therapy), virechana (purgation), vasthi (enema with suitable drugs) etc are provided depending on the symptoms and state of dosha. Along with these, physiotherapy, yoga, meditation, pranayama and psychotherapy (in associated mental distress) are also given. 


Avoid bitter, pungent, astringent tastes, cold and light food. Include more vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc in diet. 


Mild to moderate exercise are recommended to slow down the progression of disease. 

Multiple Sclerosis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Aggravation of vata can be prevented by avoiding over-activity, skipping of meals, late night dinner, chances of injury/ infection etc. Ensure adequate sleep. Consume healthy nutritious diet. Avoid stress, over-thinking etc. 

Importance of Diet

Choose the right diet during and after treatment as it can promote easy recovery. 


Avoid over-activity and ensure adequate rest and sleep. Quit smoking and limit the consumption of alcohol. Avoid stress. Eat healthy nutritious food and drink enough water.

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