Skin Diseases in Children Ayurvedic Treatment

Skin diseases are very common among children which include rashes, warts, hives etc. common skin rashes are dermatitis, viral, bacterial and fungal infections, and other conditions. 

Signs and symptoms

 The signs and symptoms of each skin condition is different. The common symptoms are rashes, itching, dryness of skin, reddish discolouration, increased sweating etc. some common diseases and their symptoms include: 

Skin disease

Signs and symptoms


Red rashes, itching, dry skin etc. Common types are diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, and contact dermatitis. 

Viral infection

Fifth disease– bright red rash on the cheek of child, fever, etc. 

Chickenpox– rashes develop on face, chest and back and then spread all over the body. Rashes changes into fluid-filled blisters with itching, and then to scabs. 

Rubella– starts with pick or red rash over the face and neck of the child, and then spread to other body parts, fever, running nose, cough etc. 

Hand foot and mouth disease– rashes develop in mouth, palms and soles of child. The rashes may sometimes turn into blisters or bumps. 

Bacterial infection

Scarlet fever– fever, sore throat, headache, elevated red rash on child’s face and neck which later spreads to other body parts, red face with pale area around mouth. 

Impetigo– red coloured bumps or blisters mostly around mouth and nose. 

Fungal infection

Ring worm infection– round or oval patches over skin with smooth middle part and scaly periphery, itching, pain. 

Teething rash

Rashes around mouth, neck and chest due to drooling of saliva when the child develops teeth. 

Ayurvedic analysis

 A number of skin diseases affecting children are described in Ayurveda- such as visarpa, charmadala, gudakuttaka, masurika, karappan, etc. All these involve vitiated pitta and rakta associated with kapha and vata. Pitta and rakta are responsible for rashes, reddish discolouration, burning sensation etc. itching and oozing are caused by vitiated kapha, and pain due to aggravated vata

Causative factors (Ayurveda)

 As per Ayurveda, any disease affecting children feeding exclusively on breast milk is caused by unhealthy food habits and lifestyle of mother. Due to these, breast milk become vitiated. Excess intake of spicy and hot food, anger, stress etc by mother causes pitta and rakta dushti (vitiation) in her; excess sweet, oily and heavy food, sedentary habit, day sleep etc leads to kapha dushti and altered sleep pattern, skipping of meals, taking more dry/ cold food etc lead to vata dushti. 

 Agnathu (external) factors such as microbes, allergic substances also can produce skin diseases in children. 

Possible complications

 Common complications are severe itching and pain, sleep issues, absence in school etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

  Know whether the condition is self-limiting or more serious one before planning the treatment. 


 The treatment is given for mothers if the child depends exclusively on breast milk for nutrition. Purification of breast milk is the aim of the treatment using internal medicines and external application of medicines. This is brought about by pacifying aggravated tridosha, and correcting agni

For treating skin diseases among older children internal medicines, procedure like virechana, nasya, lepana etc are provided. 


Correct the diet of mother for treating skin diseases in infants who exclusively depend on breast milk for food. Ask the mother to avoid very hot and spicy food, sour and salty food, oily food etc. 

  For managing skin disease in older children, avoid heavy to digest oily food, junk and processed food, sour and salt food, curd, other food items that are allergic to them etc. 


 Exercise may not help in these conditions. But, regular exercise can improve immunity in grown up children. 

Preventive aspects

  • Maintain personal hygiene. 
  • Eat healthy nutritious food.
  • Mothers of breast-fed babies should avoid spicy food. 
  • Stay away from unhygienic places. 
  • Wash hands, feet and mouth/ bath after coming from outside. 
  • Get vaccinated.
  • Avoid close contact with infected people. 
  • Avoid chances of insect bite. 

Importance of diet

 Right diet provides faster recovery. The mother and child must follow the dietary instructions of physician during treatment. 


    • Avoid scratching the rashes. 
  • Clean the body of the child. 
  • Ensure healthy nutritious food. Follow the dietary recommendations by physician. 
  • Avoid triggering factors. 
  • Wear loose cotton dress. 
  • Fumigate the dresses and room of children with suitable medicines.


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